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Code of Conduct & Racing Etiquette

As a USATF Sanctioned and certified event, we expect all participants to follow the USATF Code of Conduct and conduct themselves appropriately including but not limited to following all race instructions, announcements and rules.  Please follow proper racing and running  etiquette as well. 

Here are 10 race etiquette tips every runner should follow:

1. Corral or seed yourself according to your expected pace. There will be appropriate signs indicating where to line up.  Please do not line up at the front if you’re not a super fast runner. You’ll either get trampled or you’ll cause a safety hazard for others.

2.  Run one or two abreast. Don’t run 2-3 people across and block the course for others.

3. Pass other runners with respect and appropriate spacing.  Don’t push through people or practically run them over.
4. Don’t stop dead in your tracks. If you’re stopping to tie your shoe or take a break, hop off the course to the side and take care of your business. If you’re a run/walker, look behind you before you start walking.
5. Be aware when going through water stations. Don’t stop suddenly in the middle of the path if you need to get a drink of water or gel. Try to keep moving and stay to the side.
6. Aim your cup. Try to aim your empty cup to/towards a trash can or the side of the road, so that others don’t slip on it, and it won’t splash all over the person behind you when it hits the ground

7. Smile! Show your appreciation for the cheering spectators – after all, they’re making it a great day for you! Plus one of our photographers will catch your smile too!
8. Let them have their thunder. This one is tricky because often at the finish line, we’re all in a daze. But if at all possible, try to be aware of the finish line moment that your fellow racers are trying to have. Sure, race them to the finish line, but try not to knock them over with your outstretched arms or jump in front of their finish line photo.

9. Take your banana and move on. Don’t take more than you need at the finish line food table. The race director has ordered food according to the number of participants. Take one of each item and move on. If you need more food, go buy yourself some breakfast after the race or keep a cooler with post-race food in your car.

10. Thank the volunteers! There are tons of volunteers needed to make a race go smoothly. Thank them, appreciate them, don’t litter and make their job harder, and consider volunteering for a race yourself.
It all goes back to this: Have common courtesy. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Stay safe. Keep others safe. Think of others.

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